Colour, Shape, Quantity, Scale: by Liew Kwai Fei

Following Ise's GHOST show in April 2010 - a social collaboration involving myself, Ms.Eva McGovern, Mr.Bob. Mr.Bullet, and many many more people (as it usually is with parkingproject!) -  COLOUR, SHAPE, QUANTITY, SCALE is a solo exhibition by (then considered) minimalist painter, Mr. Liew Kwai Fei. Invited by the artist to co-curate this solo exhibition with Mr. Simon Soon at the infamous abandoned 15, Jalan Mesui. All works are acrylic on paper. 

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Since then Mr. Liew have been persistently challenging his thoughts about his work, whilst fighting with health issues of his own. Mr. Liew's endearing thought process and poetic rationalisation as an artist will continue to surprise his viewer with his varied approach to his work, and life in general. A painter that does not search for a signature style. An artist that is not comfortable with a label.  

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