GHOST: by Roslisham Ismail @ Ise

In April 2010, I was involved in a very interesting project initiated by visual artist, Roslisham Ismail @ Ise. Like many of Ise's previous endeavors, this sound installation involved quite a bit of people - from within and outside the art scene here in Kuala Lumpur. I was co-curating this project with (now regional curator for VWFA) Eva McGovern; and the installation was housed in an abandoned double-story terrace house in the city center.

A little background on this project: Ise produced a number of collages during a period of insomnia, 10 of which were selected as a starting point for this project. These collages were presented to various groups of people (artists, curators, bloggers, musicians, art educators and nursery children) in private viewing sessions where discussions of the works were held (and recorded). The audio recordings of these discussions were then edited into soundscapes that were presented to the public, to replace the collages.

The week long exhibition was punctuated by musical performances by DJ Asung (Jakarta), DJ Dan MacKinlay (Sydney) and a special performance by local post-rock band, Deepset. In hindsight, this project was a successful social collaboration. Special credit have to be given to Mr Bullet - for his generous creative and technical contribution; Mr Bob** - for all the great photo-documentation throughout the entire process; and Ms Jiji - for her smile and people skill, especially little people :)

next up; Shape, Colours, Quantity, Scale, a solo-exhibition by Liew Kwai Fei.

**all photos by MagnusCaleb

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