Tropical Paradise RP830 (Jakarta)

I know. I know. I was suppose to stop producing these wallpapers by now. But when Bandung-based curator, Agung Hujatnikajennong, offered to exhibit it for this year's Jakarta Biennale, i couldn't resist. Jakarta's 13th Biennale was its first international Biennale, but rather than focusing on the usual assortments of big-wig artists from around the globe, the curatorial team decided to focus more on artists under-40 from the South-East Asian region; and also some European artists who have spent some time working (mainly at art residencies) in this part of the globe.

Placed within one part of three zones/arenas of JB'09, Galeri Nasional Indonesia housed Tropical Paradise RP830 (Jakarta). With 3 walls to cover, measuring up to a total of 75m sq, we finished it in 3 days. 3 layers of colour done with more than 4 dozen cans of spray paint and 15liters of emulsion paint. Repeating the stencil 183 times! I wouldn't have been able to finish it if it wasn't for three extremely hardworking assistants; Nik, Dias and Andrea. Thanks, guys!

even though they got a little mad towards sunrise on the last day of work! :)

For the 4th installment of this series, i've used icons like Bali Dancers, Barong, Garuda, Bajej, Teh Botol, Mega Mendung, Wayang, Punk and Chickens; to represent the usual cliches of Indonesia's national identity. The colours were decied when I made my first visit to Indonesia last August. Somehow this combination of pink+lime green was commonplaced in that country. With its high contrast, it sort of feels Indonesian to me: glaring, loud and chaotic.

In hindsight, this was an experience I would not forget soon. Sure, it was tiring in trying to complete the work in a matter of a few days. Double the space with half the time I am used to working with. But I had great support from my three assistants and from the curatorial team - even though I am sure they were waiting restlessly for me complete my work before they can install the other works into the gallery (I tend to get very messy with this work:)

Thanks to everyone at RuangRupa, Jennong, Nadia, Ise, Jakarta Arts Council and Galeri Nasional Indonesia.

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