Run, Malaysia, Run!

*1min screening version made for The OneMinutes (2009)

Made in conjunction with Malaysia's 50th Merdeka (Independence), Run, Malaysia, Run! was initially made for Selamat Datang ke Malaysia - a travelling exhibition curated by Beverly Yong, for Gallery 4A, Sydney and VWFA, KL in 2007. Recently, this work was also part of The Independence Project at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne. In August 2008, this work will participate in a Rumah Air Panas curated exhibition at Stella Maris School, KL.

Gallery 4A, Sydney. June 2007
*rotating video projection below Yee I-Lann's MALAYSIANA series.

Gertude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne. April 2008
*video was presented on a plasma screen with 9 potraits.

Run, Malaysia, Run! is a 4-min single-channel video recording of Malaysians of different ethnicities running around in circles. In its full version, the image is projected from a rotation device placed in the center of the room. *depending on space, video might also be screened from a monitor.

The video begins with a single runner, but accumulates more runners as the video progresses. This work makes references to marathons, jogathons, Big Walks and other such community-based activities that are ubiquitous in Malaysia’s constant attempt to promote an interracial society. Focusing on the act rather than the objective, every participant strives towards a unified direction, but the end is irrelevant as everything goes around in circles.

"As a country searching for its identity, multi-cultural Malaysia can often seem to be running in circles. With the mélange of national costumes, religions, cultures vying for official recognition and equality, the parade becomes like a whirlpool, with each culture racing around an empty center." Gertrude, Melbourne. 2008

This work could not have been made possible without the help and contributions of Penjanabebas, Valentine Willie Fine Art, MoonFX, Jiji Ishak, Faisal, Selvi, Raechel, Abang Azizul, Haskaran, Viknes and Sharon. Above all, nothing is possible without the love and support of my family.

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