How to be Bruce

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Done in London in 2004, this is probably the one work I am most proud of. Its a scene from Way of the Dragon (1972) in which Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris battled it out in the Coliseum in Rome. Although the video below might not be the full version, but I think you'll get the idea.

Short but significant career, Bruce Lee's influence span from Hong Kong's male youths in the 70s to the Afro-Caribbean brothers living it up in Peckham and Lewisham today! Although the story line and acting might not be the best, we all watch Bruce Lee's film for the same reason: kick-ass kung fu! A graceful dancer and a master of choreography, Bruce Lee is probably one of the most influential performance artist in the past century. So much so, that even a few red and blue dots with flying arrows across a white screen is enough to remind us of it.

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