Love/War series

Also part of the 3 Young Contemporaries 2005 show, these three lightboxes are my toys. I loved making them. I like that its pretty wrapping paper. Cut the same wrapping paper and paste it exactly on the same place on another. And I like the comedy in such a tragic issue. I am still pissed-off at what is happening in Iraq today. I read it in the papers, I watch it on the news, I talk about it. But people are still dying. Bombs are still blowing up. But I can just turn it off. Fold the newspaper away. Forget about it. Life goes on. Its entertaining! We love catastrophes!... especially when its someone else's. Plus, we use political subjects in our art so that people will take it seriously, right? :)

Suicide Lovers


Operation Iraqi Love (O.I.L)

installation view

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n3Ls0n.3rn said...

I just saw the pink lightbox in Fairfax, VA!