Impropaganda (2014)

"A stack of broadsheets emptied of text, it reduces the newspaper medium to its cold reality as space for rent, a form of real estate mapped according to the design of commercial and political interests." 
- by RogueArt.

The idea for Impropaganda (2104) was conceived a couple of years ago, but I was only ready to produce this work for my last solo, "Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah/This Day In History" curated by RogueArt and held at Silverlens@Gillman Barracks, Singapore. Newspaper is only another everyday material. Useful for many reasons, except providing any form of information that is good for you. This work is based entirely on a local newspaper, Utusan Malaysia - known for its pro-government-racial slurs. If these kind of publications are allowed in this country to spread hatred and racism on a national scale, why are our government penalizing individuals who speak out against them.

photographs courtesy of Silverlens Galleries

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Liew Kwai Fei said...

Remind me of your 'Bruce Lee' animation video work, which turn the action scene into a symbol/ abstract form. But a little different are the BL video remain the original sound track of the scene.