Farewell to Format (2012)

Farewell to Format VI

"The rapid development of technology has led to the abandonment of numerous analogue formats in favour of digital and high definition electronics. Relegated to nostalgia and history, such items act as a metaphor for the passing of time and value systems in today’s fast paced society." - Ms. Eva McGovern (curator)

Farewell to Format V
Farewell to Format IX
Farewell to Format VIII
Farewell to Format IV
Farewell to Format VII
Farewell to Format III

From my June 2012 solo exhibition, You Are Here, held at (the now defunct) vwfa.kl, I've exhibited a new series of light boxes: Farewell to Format. Slick and slim in its production, these aluminium-CCFL light boxes displayed photographed reflections of switched-off tv boxes. The warped distortions are created by the reflections on the curved surface of old box television sets. So it was of no coincidence that the places I find these box tvs are in old-styled environments; electrical repair shops, small town hospitals, salons, old coffeeshops, etc. It was important for me that the audience standing in front of these lightboxes will see their own reflections in the work.

Farewell to Format 1 (installation view)
Farewell to Format I

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