The Future of Exhibitions: It Feels Like I've Beem Here Before

This was a fun project of 3 artists (Jason Wee from Singapore, Roslisham Ismail@Ise and myself from KL) and 2 curators (June Yap from Singapore and Eva McGovern from KL). The exhibition was held at Earl Lu Gallery@ LaSalle School, in collaboration with the Insititute of Contemporary Arts and Singapore Arts Council.

For this show, Ise and myself collaborated to create You're Late!, an installation with video projections, karaoke sessions, disco lighting, and performances by funky-retro band, The Pinholes; followed by the ever-crowd-pleasing band, The Great Spy Experiment. Oh, and lots and lots of beer. In short, we blew our budget on one wild party and thrashed the gallery - a day before the official opening.

A week prior to the opening, we collected/created daily CCTV-footage of the installation process happening in the gallery. These footages - including the private party - were later compiled and exhibited in a video piece entitled The 7-Days of Creation*, edited by PerezOlSkool.

*i will be posting the video up as soon as possible..

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