Tropical Paradise MR20 + Party Like You Are Back Home

The third (and final) installment of the Tropical Paradise series: MR20 (Singapore) was done in Sculpture Square, following a month-long residency in April 2007. The motif of this design consists of Sir Stamford Raffles, the Traveler's palm, Tiger Beer, Singapore's national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim, the Singaporean girl and the lion from the nation's code of arms.

In conjunction with the opening of the exhibition, an event-performance was conceptualised to invite "non-Singaporeans working in Singapore" to attend the opening. Party Like You Are Back Home was an attempt to juxtapose the image of a country perceived by holiday-makers and migrant workers. Food, drinks, music, lucky draw, t-shirts, orchid garlands; were all given away in hope to attract as many visitors as possible to this event.

At the end of of the day, this endeavor would not have been possible without the help of friends and family.

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