I meant to upload this video earlier, but never got around to it. It was done for the 3 Young Contemporaries at VWFA in 2005. I hope you get the idea of this video despite the bad sound editing, but i am still learning. Please be patient with me. :)
Anyway, SHAKE is a collection of images I found in the local Star newspaper. I think it shows how important the public image is for Malaysian people. To see our leaders spending all their time attending ceremonies and press conferences, just to have their photo-friendly images. And what does all these handshaking mean? Does it show unity and agreements? Are the people in the photos as happy as they seem?
Malaysian politicans are the true celebrities here. Who cares about Siti and Mawi when we have DrM-Pak Lah drama? Recently, I've noticed in NST that whenever there is a national crisis (e.g corrupted police/politicians) on the front page, u can almost be sure that our PM is somewhere attending some happy ceremony.

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